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Killa Features
yo LJrs,

I'm developing a mobile LJ client for WebOS devices (Pre/Pixi...). What do you consider to be 'must have' features in an LJ client?
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So far I have:

1) Viewing FriendsPage (all nicely formatted of natch)
2) Ability to view comments and create new ones
3) Create new posts and all the metadata goodies
4) Send LJ Mail

WebOS features: notifications of FP updates, picture uploading (Google Picassa and Scrapbook)

Are you going to include picture uploading through Flickr (what most of my friends use) and/or Photobucket?

Unfortunately, Flickr and Photobucket don't allow their API (the thing that allows you to access stuff) for use commercial applications. You can get a commercial API,but its unclear what the cost or terms are. My choices are to a) Make a free app and support flickr and photobucket b) Support scrapbook and picassa. The latter most people with Pre's have available because they'll already have google accounts. Google allows you to use their stuff in commercial apps.

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